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The aim of every project is to deliver a solution on-time and within budget. Projects fail for the following reasons:

Lack of resource \ commitment

Unrealistic Timescales

Badly defined scope and scope creep

Insufficient Project Management

Trying to achieve something new for example bringing in a new technology or set of processes can be challenging without skilled, qualified and experienced professionals to help.

A typical project for us is run in small iterative deliverables - they are based around technology we are familiar with and around processes we have used many times before. Commitment is demonstrable as our services are paid for - which means we need to justify what we're delivering on a regular basis unlike internal employees who may have a lengthy task list which becomes reprioritised on a regular basis. If resource is lacking, we can add our own resources to the project to meet delivery objectives.

The repeatable nature of the projects we are involved with means many of our delivery mechanisms are well known,  processes are templated, and technology is understood giving us the best chance to meet the required deadlines. We work in both Prince2 and Agile environments, meaning we can speak the same project language as the rest of the team and integrate easily into existing systems of work.

Featured Service: Web Development

Web Development IconWe are able to offer the full compliment of services in and around web development.

As well as aspects such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Hosting, we realise that design can be a very emotive topic. We deliver in an iterative manner so at every stage you know how the finished product will look - while we worry about the functional aspects such as performance.