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We are always looking to engage with our customers to raise awareness on a variety of security topics.  Areas of concern we are seeing are:

  • Firewall setup  - are the appropriate rules in place and documented. Are they reviewed regularly and disabled when no longer required?
  • Process and procedure - is security being well monitored, and is the business aware of it's responsibilities? Is the management of the security run to a sensible schedule of tasks?
  • Anti-Virus - Is is appropriately setup and rolled out to all users.  Is it kept up to date? How does the selected AV vendor react to zero day threats?
  • Patching - Is is centrally managed? Does this include mobile devices or BYOD?
  • Penetration Testing - Has this been done recently? Do you know your network weaknesses?
  • Physical Security - Is there appropriate physical security to my site? Are printed documents controlled in a sensible manner?

If you are struggling or concerned about any of these areas of security then please do talk with us.  We can carry out a baseline review and let you know where you stand and suggest areas for improvement.



Featured Service: Web Development

Web Development IconWe are able to offer the full compliment of services in and around web development.

As well as aspects such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Hosting, we realise that design can be a very emotive topic. We deliver in an iterative manner so at every stage you know how the finished product will look - while we worry about the functional aspects such as performance.