Understanding your requirements and finding the perfect solution to fit

File Solution using ownCloud and BTSync

There are lots of alternative methods to provide elements of this such as Dropbox, Google Docs, OneDrive each of which has pros and cons which are extensively discussed throughout the internet.

We had a client who required secure storage for 100-200 GB of specialist data, disaster recovery, Backup and availability from any connected location.  But was limited by low bandwidth availability at one of their sites.

The solution we put in comprised owncloud, BTSync, a local NAS device and a cloud service with storage and backup.  Each of these products on their own could offer some of the solution, when put together they offered a feature rich service which met our client’s criteria.


The main benefits of this solution were the cost and level of control for example:

  • Can be encrypted and secured to the level required
  • Data resident in country of origin.
  • Less expensive than alternatives.
  • Several degrees of management over backups, schedules and recovery choices.

On-Premise Server \ NAS

Cloud Hosting environment

-Folders containing 1000s of Detailed Photographs and Reports.

-1 TB storage delivered through Synology NAS

-Snapshot allowing for full recovery of server.

-File level backup.

-Off-Premise DR



-Access Anywhere

-Consolidate Files from multiple sources

-Sync clients for mobile

-User Access management

-Fast efficient Peer-to-Peer Sync Product

If you’re looking to evaluate your own solution, below are some example costs with a comparison to the cost for a dropbox solution.